Laser Hair Removal

At Coiffure NU, we use F1 Diode Laser™, reputed to be the most effective laser hair removal system in North America. The F1 Diode™ system, with coolant, is certified by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

Not only is F1 Diode™ the safest laser hair removal system on the market, the coolant used in the system makes it the least painful.

Definitions and guidelines for laser treatment
For successful hair removal…

It takes six to eight treatments, at a rate of one every eight weeks, to completely eliminate hair.

Why six to eight treatments?

Because the laser only eliminates hair in its anagen phase. Not all hairs are in the same phase at the same time.

Why every eight weeks?

Because it is important to wait until the most hair possible is in the anagen phase. Therefore there is no point in having more frequent treatments.

While undergoing laser treatment, waxing cannot be used for hair removal. What other hair removal method can be used instead?

Clients can safely use a razor or cream hair removal (Neet) since these methods do not remove the hair bulb.  
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Questions related to laser hair removal


Should I avoid sun tanning during laser hair removal treatment?

It is strongly recommended that during your treatment period, you refrain from using tanning salons. It is also recommended that you minimize solar exposure of skin areas being treated, for two and a half to three weeks before and one week after treatment.

Will the treatment itself hurt? What about afterwards?

During the treatment, you will feel a slight tingling or pinching feeling with each pulse. Most people have little problem tolerating this discomfort. However, since some body areas are more sensitive than others, an anesthetic cream may help to reduce any pain.
For the first few minutes after F1 Diode™ treatment, the skin surface treated will redden slightly. For this reason, it is strongly recommend that you avoid exposure to the sun following treatment. Given that the body tries to eliminate dead hair shafts, it will seem as if your hair is still growing. This is normal! These shafts will fall out on their own in one to two weeks.

Are there side effects?

The side effects of laser hair removal are minimal. One such effect is change in pigmentation (hyper or hypopigmentation), but this occurs only very rarely. Also, such changes are generally short-lived and will disappear within a few weeks. If you have freckles or pigmentary lesions (beauty marks) on the area being treated, they may become pale or disappear since they contain pigment.

How many treatments will I need?

Hair grows in a cycle. The laser light attacks the most highly pigmented hair follicles, that is, in their anagen (growth) phase. Follicles in a dormant phase are less pigmented and will only be eliminated during their next phase of growth. So it will take a few treatments to achieve satisfactory results.