Since 1964, the high-performing laboratories of La Recherche avancée de L’Oréal have been reserved for Kérastase, producing new leading-edge hair care services and products. Stemming from the most advanced technology in the industry, the products created by Kérastase are innovative and unique, preserving the natural beauty of hair. With over 2000 scientific researchers, Kérastase is developing state-of-the-art hair care, devoted to the beauty of women and based on four essential values: PERFORMANCE, EXPERTISE, PERSONALIZATION AND BEAUTY.

A worldwide leader in professional, luxury hair care, Kérastase is available in 56 countries. It is also available in one percent of Canadian salons, that is, in the country’s high-end salons.


The Kérastase stylist is the preferred expert to provide a detailed consultation, diagnosing the needs and selecting the care program best suited to your hair type.
Every woman is unique; each hair type has it own particular needs. For these reasons, Kérastase has developed a complete range of personalized hair care products that target each woman’s individual needs and desires.

Kérastase In-Salon Rituals were developed 40 years ago. Since then, their priority has been to transform each visit into a unique sensory experience. At Coiffure NU, each woman is the focus of all our attention and experiences a true moment of relaxation.