Hair Extensions

extension-2Made with 100% natural hair it allows all technical applications to fit your temporary extensions to your own look. Comb and easily insert it into your hair!

The GEEwig ™ perfectly fits the shape of the neck due to its unique design. Its lightweight and durable mesh allows you versatility while being comfortable because it requires three clips to attach. GEEwig ™ extensions are available in six levels of basic colors to natural pigmentation. Choose your level and ask your stylist to apply your coloring on GEEwig ™ for a perfect match.

Extentions-2Extentions-3The GEEwig is only to allow you to get a haircut in order to properly match it to your style. With a working platform, your stylist will be happy to create you a look of Star.
The single working platform “multifunctional”

The new work platform manufactured by Gaël Betts Concepts Inc. Its unique design is specifically designed for your hair extensions. Made of special and highly resistant polymer, this platform is the new standard for modern hairdressers.

It will be possible for you or your hairdresser to fix the platform to a table or counter with a fixation envisaged for this purpose. This attachment is provided to you to purchase all G.wave.

It is not enough that only three pins to secure your GEEwig ™ for your platform. They will be provided on delivery.

All G.wave included: The GEEwig ™, the multifunctional platform and its attachment and a towel anti stain.