Térapo Médik

In recent years, Laboratoire Nature has established a name for itself through its expertise in Trichology – the science specialising in the ailments and infections of body hair – and it went about its work in a unique and natural fashion.

A family and 100% Quebec company !

Laboratoire Nature is a pioneer in hair care, with over 35 years of experience, the best training in the industry and a full range of products designed to help all sorts of hair problems.

Designed for professional clinics and salons, Térapo Médik+™ only uses carefully chosen natural ingredients, making it a premium scalp health-care solution.

Based on trichology principals, Térapo Médik+™ helps identify and properly treat scalp disorders and deficiencies. Térapo Médik+™ specializes in hair care solutions that are proven to enhance the natural texture and condition of the scalp. Combined with advanced trichology methods, the shampoos and lotions harness the power of nature to rejuvenate hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.


Exclusive professionals who want to offer their clients solutions rather than excuses!